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Put simply, CHADIS is a web-based management system that screens, diagnoses, and analyzes your data before you visit Proyouth Pediatric Health & Wellness. You fill out online questionnaires and our pediatricians then have instant access to these valuable clinical data and resources.

 •  To assure your child is on schedule

 •  For early diagnosis

 •  To catch development issues early

 •  Recommend by  American Academy of  Pediatrics

 •  A growing number of states require it

CHADIS makes your job easier and gives your child's doctors a wealth of information.

You complete the doctor's pre-selected questionnaires in the privacy of your own home, CHADIS collects the answers, scores them, and tabulates them. You then get instant results, and your doctor gets the information they need as well. It's fast, easy, and completely secure.


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What type of health services do your children need? From a newborn's first appointment to a college physical for your adolescent, Proyouth Pediatric Health & Wellness is here to help you with all your pediatric needs.

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